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Norman Lowe & Partners
Norman Lowe is a seasoned creative director, copywriter and marketing strategist. Former Creative Director of Ogilvy & Mather (in Toronto and in New York), he opened his own agency in the late 1970’s and the rest is, as they say, history (and very successful history, at that!).

Taken from an interview given a few years back:

NL: "We get a kick out of marketing complex machinery, expensive cars, hotels, computers and such. It sure beats selling the detergents, deodorants and desserts of my big-agency years."

What's Norman's secret?

Says former client Peter Hart: "Norman Lowe has the deepest 'need to know' - to understand not only his client's business, but his client's customers and prospects - of any advertising person I've known."

For more on Norman and the Melding of Strategic Positioning and Execution, please click here.

JMC Marketing Communications
Camp Q is Jane-Michèle Clark’s creation and passion. She is also President of The Q Group, a marketing strategist, database marketing specialist, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, Senior Director of the Canadian Business Strategy Association and part-time MBA Marketing instructor at York University’s Schulich School of Business.

Other claims to fame:

• 10-time nominee for Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

• Jane-Michèle was the first person to challenge the way the US Postal service was handling 3rd class mail and its billing of same– and win! The “case” also resulted in new vendor list guarantees being implemented nationwide.

• Did the dreaming and digging (in 1980) that originally spawned the data-driven direct marketing industry.
• Worked in the Middle East for nearly eight years and was responsible for introducing market research to that part of the world.


The Fountain Group
Have developed a new way of buying print - and passing the savings on to clients. (P.S. They have never gone over quote on any Q-Group project – or been late. Not many printers or production departments can say that!)
They are The Q Group’s production arm. With a team of print production experts, The Fountain Group has in-depth relationships with an extensive network of print production suppliers. By separately negotiating paper, ink, press time bindery services and such, clients receive top quality printed pieces and relatively modest prices. They are also introducing "green" printing, a way of using renewable resources both in the materials and in the production process.

Custom Web Solutions
Custom Web Solutions builds powerful, innovative websites and web applications.


Stephan Bowes
Stephan Bowes specializes in image editing, illustration, design and stock photography. He has built an award-winning portfolio featuring some of the top art directors and photographers in Canada and the U.S. His work on the 2003 Model Year Lexus brochures can be seen by clicking here.