After a long and colourful run as Creative Director at Ogilvy, (Benson) & Mather (New York and Toronto), Norman Lowe started Norman Lowe Associates (NLA).

The firm became quickly recognized as the “best smallish ad agency in town”, to quote a Torontonian business publication. Awards were won, clients prospered and the agency grew.

After selling the agency to The Spectrum Group in 1987, Norman started another marketing communications firm (Norman Lowe & Partners) under the current Q Group structure. Most of the early NLA employees had gone on to bigger and better things; many had started their own firms. Several are now Q Group Associates.

One of the early converts, and now president of The Q Group, was Jane-Michèle Clark. Fifteen years ago, after leaving a senior position with an eminent Database Marketing firm, Jane-Michèle started JMC Marketing Communications. Almost immediately Norman asked her to join forces with him, and they’ve been together since.

(Oh yeah, and along the way there have been more accolades and business successes, but we’ll let the work speak for itself.)

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